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Houston and Nature

Apr 12, 2021

Even though squirrels are a very visible form of Houston wildlife, we know little about them. Were you aware, for instance, that their brain shrinks and increases in size with the seasons, and that far from being pests, they are crucial to forest ecosystems?

Kelsey Low of the Houston Arboretum has studied our squirrels...

Feb 15, 2021

Boy Scouts of America promises young men, and now also women, exciting nature experiences and preparation for life as adults.

Do they live up to the promise? What’s it like to grow up among the Scouts? Is being an Eagle Scout really as special as some people say?

For answers to those questions I turned to Eagle Scout...

Jan 1, 2021

When it comes to drawing children and teenagers into nature, Mary Ann Beauchemin of Russ Pitman Park is an expert. After earning a Master’s degree in outdoors education in Oregon, she taught generations of young Houstonians how to turn over logs, use bug boxes and marvel at critters. And in the process she...